We have a lot that happens on the hill, whether it is a solo visitor seeking respit, a Red Bench retreat providing opportunities for rest, or a group using our space to facilitate their own retreat. Our hope is to provide a space for rest and/or wrestling. Learn about some of the retreats we have here:

Soul Care Days

Every month a group of 10-12 people come up to reflect on a theme and spend some time in solitude. These retreats have been paid for by others who believe in Red Bench’s mission; you just have to show up.

Blending Art and Faith

Being made in God’s image, He has given us opportunities to be creative. Four times a year we invite different artists up to teach a workshop that blends art and faith together.

Your Retreat

Our space is available for personal solo retreats and for group retreats. Reach out if you are looking for a place to rest or process or if your team, Bible study, or organization are looking for a place to host a retreat.

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