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The Red Bench Retreat Center has been an answer to a dream of JB and Kendra over the last 30 years.

Early in their marriage they spent a year in mainland China followed by several years in youth ministry. During those years, they personally experienced the need for a place to rest and reboot in order to continue with the heavy demands of their work. This spurred the dream of someday having a place which would be a great source of rest and refueling for those that “just need to get away and be quiet.”

As their four children moved out of the home, thoughts of that long ago dream began to resurface and God started making things happen. Early in 2018, JB and Kendra sold their home and moved “up the hill” to a dream property, which is now Red Bench Retreat Center! They are looking forward to supporting those in community and in ministry.


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Red Bench Retreat Center

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Weimar, CA 95713

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